Welcome! I'm Aitor Simona.

I'm a Junior gameplay programmer at Ubisoft Barcelona, working in Rainbow Six Siege.

I have always loved games, up to the point of being told not to play so much. Some years ago, a stroke of luck or just fate gave me the opportunity to dedicate myself to creating what I had always loved. There is always a lot of stuff to learn, and when you open a door 3 more appear, it is thrilling!

I graduated from the Bachelor's degree in Video Game Design and Development at CITM - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) . I program mainly in C/C++/C#, but I have touched others such as Python too. I have developed my custom game engine in C++ (and a game on it) and also worked in many projects using Unity and Unreal Engine. Gameplay/AI programming are my current passion and above all being involved in videogames.

2021: Traverser 2.0

Traverser is a free and open source player traversal toolkit featuring Locomotion, Parkour and Climbing. Includes procedural animation, physical animation, custom motion warping and root motion. It is self-contained in a set of scripts. Use the given abilities or expand the system through its shared ability workflow. Available in github and the Unity Asset Store

Team Size: 1
Personal contribution:

  • All features, including these below

  • Custom Motion Warping

  • Custom Root motion

  • Locomotion

  • Parkour

  • Procedural ledge climbing

  • Procedural animation (Runtime rig)

  • Physical Animation (Active Ragdoll)

PersonalProject SummerProject Unity C# Published UnityAssetStore

2020-2021: Traverser

Traverser is a player traversal toolkit featuring as of now the most basic traversal abilities which are Locomotion, Parkour and Climbing. It is self-contained in a set of scripts and has no dependencies apart from the basic Unity functionality. Use the given abilities or expand the system through its shared ability workflow.

Team Size: 1
Personal contribution:

  • All features, including these below

  • Project management

  • Custom Character Controller

  • Predictive Collision Detection

  • Abilities Interface

  • Locomotion Ability

  • Parkour Ability

  • Climbing Ability (Ledge)

  • Motion Warping

  • Inverse Kinematics

Bachelor's_Thesis Unity C#

2021: What The Trees Dont Tell

What the Trees don’t Tell is a First-Person Shooter developed in UE4. The story guides the player through the experience of a special operations member who is dispatched on a time-sensitive mission: to discover what happened in a special village amidst the woods. A 2 people project, my first using UE4.

Team Size: 2
Personal contribution:

  • Main Character (Locomotion, animations)

  • Weapons System

  • Level (blockout and final) + lighting

  • Story Outline, constant help in final voicelines

  • Enemy Assets

  • Menus (art)

Single-player UE4 FPS Blueprints

2020-2021: BottomGear

In BottomGear you are a professional pilot in the most popular racing show in the world. Take control of the BattleRoller and face off against 5 other players in online battles to show the world who is the champion!

Team Size: 4
Personal contribution:

  • Leading, project management

  • Versioning, documentation, website

  • Networking, game managers and scene transitions

  • Car model adaptation

  • Car physics and rig

  • Car controller

  • Car trail

  • Car controls, input reaction

  • Cameras (blendings, transitions)

  • Rendering (lighting, visual effects, outlines, player colouring...)

  • Level (city + dome + ship)

  • Gameplay loop (timers, score, kills)

  • Menus and Ingame UI

  • Keyboard/Mouse and DS4 mappings, help in XBOX mapping

Multiplayer Unity PUN2 C#

2020: The Witcher: Ties of Destiny

A Hack n Slash based on The Witcher Series. Made by all the class (29 people) on our own game engine, Broken Engine. It was based on my first game engine CENTRAL 3D

Team Size: 29
Personal contribution:

  • Base Engine (CENTRAL 3D)

  • Resource Manager improvements and maintenance

  • Multi Scene support

  • Prefabs

  • Renderer & Shader Pipeline

  • Transparencies

  • Key help in shadow mapping

  • Real time uniform editing

  • UI support (billboarding, animations...)

  • Physics Fixed Update, collider draw

  • Audio Soundbank load

  • Pull requests management, QA

TheWitcher GameEngine C++ SDL OpenGL DearImGui Recast PhysX Lua

2019: CENTRAL 3D

My first Game Engine built from scratch in C++

Team Size: 1
Personal contribution:

  • All features, including these below

  • Editor panels (using DearImGui)

  • ECS

  • Core systems (textures, camera, input, window, etc)

  • 3D Renderer with shader pipeline

  • Extensive Resource Manager with FS awareness

GameEngine C++ SDL OpenGL DearImGui

2019: Chase The Cure

My first game in Unity using behaviour trees for AI and own Steering Behaviours

Team Size: 2
Personal contribution:

  • Custom steering behaviours

  • Behaviour Trees

  • Character Controllers (skills...)

  • Graphs (Animations, actions)

  • Game logic (alert state, combat...)

  • Some of the UI (cure & panic, food & money, skill bars)

AI Unity NodeCanvas C#

2019: Fantasy Brawl

A Final Fantasy Tactics themed Battle Royale for up to 4 players

Team Size: 8
Personal contribution:

  • Lead & Manager (schedule, meetings...)

  • Versioning & build delivery

  • Testing & merging

  • Base code (previous project orBit)

  • Player movement & animations

  • All 4 character abilities, combat

  • Aiming system (aim paths & auto-aim)

  • Particle system & particles behaviour

  • Book and alpha transitions

  • In-game & player related UI code (character circle, shield, arrows, life & super...)

  • Screen blinkings (death skull, damage received, hp bar, timer)

  • Champion Selection aka playground

  • Intro video in code & help in UI system

  • Collisions

FinalFantasy BattleRoyale C++ SDL

2019: Research: Group Movement

A Research into how AI group movement is tackled, C++

Team Size: 1
Personal contribution:

  • All features, including these below

  • Research, Website

  • A* Pathfinding

  • Groups & Unit Structures

  • Movement Manager


2018: orBit

A 2D pixel art platformer in C++

Team Size: 2
Personal contribution:

  • Entity system

  • UI system

  • Loading UI from xml

  • Pathfinding system (A*)

  • Player behaviour

  • Collisions system

  • Map Metadata

  • Framerate control

  • Camera, parallax

  • Volume control

Platformer PixelArt C++ SDL

2018: Last Resort

This is my first ever game! A 2D pixel art sidescroller in C++

Team Size: 4
Personal contribution:

  • Management (schedule...)

  • Testing & build delivery

  • Player movement

  • Gamepad support

  • Collisions

  • Debug Functionality

  • Most enemies

  • Score, Win & Lose

  • UI, Fonts

  • Credits system

  • Background moving platforms, animations

  • Camera, parallax

  • Audio system

SideScroller PixelArt C++ SDL